Job Description

Private Show Hunter facility in Middletown, NY has a full-time, permanent position available.  This is a unique opportunity for a talented individual to make a name for his/herself developing and showing nice hunter prospects. 
Owners are a 40-something husband and wife who work full time.  The Resident Trainer will assume riding and training responsibilities to include schooling/training green-broke youngsters, starting them over fences and overseeing their show careers as they advance all the way from baby greens to 3'6" horses.  The candidate will develop training programs for, and will oversee the full care of, 8-12 show hunter prospects.  The Resident Trainer will be asked to train and show hunters that vary in age from 4 to 9 years.

This private facility is situated on 36 acres and it includes a 2-bedroom apartment with a laundry room, an eight-stall center aisle barn with auto waterers, an 84 x 214 indoor arena, an 140 x 250 outdoor arena, 16 grass turnout paddocks with automatic waterers, eight sacrifice paddocks with automatic waterers and a hospital paddock with automatic waterer.  You can view pictures of our facility by clicking on the following link:  Facility

The Resident Trainer will be asked to develop and manage the horses' training and show programs.  Candidate will be asked to show the green prospects at smaller shows and school them at A shows.  Candidate will be asked to show the more experienced horses at A shows and prepare them for several "year end" finals and "Indoors" shows which may include, but not be limited to, Green Incentive Finals at KHP, Capital Challenge, the Devoucoux Derby Final, Stal Hendrix Green Finals, M&S Finals, Harrisburg etc.   

While riding, training and showing are the most important responsibilities of this position, the Resident Trainer will also be asked to supervise a small staff as well as many barn related activities such as morning chores, evening chores, turn-out/turn-in, arena grooming, etc.  The Resident trainer will be asked to maintain a daily dialogue with owners to discuss daily events, inform owners of any repairs that are needed, etc.  Other responsibilities may include, ordering feed and supplies, scheduling and supervising farrier, chiropractor and dental appointments, and shipping or arranging for the shipping of horses to shows, the veterinarian clinic, etc.

The position requires knowledge of, and the ability to supervise, routine health maintenance to include, icing, cold hosing, polticing, wrapping, worming, administering IM and IV shots, administering medications and minor injury care.

The Resident Trainer will also be asked to ship horses to shows, arrange for braiding appointments (at A shows), coordinate activities so horses are properly prepped and brought to the ring, etc.  Most shows are within a 75 minute drive (one way) and many shows are closer. 
The candidate will be asked to make occassional horse shopping trips; usually once or twice a year.  Owner pays all travel expenses, including meals, airfare and lodging.
Resident Trainer will be asked to assist in the sale of approximately 2-4 horses per year.  Candidate will be responsible for generating leads, networking with other professionals, fielding telephone inquiries, scheduling appointments, prepping and showing the horse to potential buyers etc.  Candidate will be asked to proactively develop professional relationships with other hunter trainers and utilize those resources to assist in selling horses.

Experience Required

This position does entail working with, and riding/training young horses that generally range in age from 4 to 9 years.  A successful applicant will have an extensive hunter or equitation background showing on the A-circuit.  Considerable experience bringing along young hunter prospects is required.  Applicants are asked to submit a short video riding on the flat and jumping a 3'3" hunter course.
  Youtube videos are welcome.

Organization skills and the ability to develop and implement a training program for young prospects are key.  The ability to recognize and address early signs of lameness or muscle soreness is indispensable and the ability to recognize early signs of equine distress, such as colic, dehydration, etc., and take appropriate action is invaluable.  Experience body clipping, trailering horses and operating a tractor or the willingness to learn, is desirable.

Sales is a small, but important aspect of the job.  A successful candidate will have experience developing new contacts on the A circuit, initiating communication with top professionals, be proactive in developing and responding to leads and possess strong communication skills. 


During non-show days, the Resident Trainer will be asked to work from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (with a one hour lunch) Tuesday through Sunday.  Mondays are off.  Candidate will be asked to accommodate important appointments such as veterinary calls, farrier visits and other necessary appointments if they fall outside the hours outlined above, although this is uncommon.

Resident Trainer will be asked to share night check duties with the staff.

Salary and Benefits

We are a private facility and all the horses are owned by us.  A quality, reliable team is a priority and we are prepared to offer a fair and competitive compensation package in order to attract quality talent.   Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience. 

Paid time off includes two weeks (12 days) paid vacation days, three paid holidays, and three paid sick days in the first year (18 total paid days off).  After one year, paid time off includes three weeks (18 days) paid vacation days, three paid holidays and three paid sick days per year (24 total days).

Weekly lessons/instruction with hunter judges subject to the instructors' availability. 

Workman's compensation insurance -- This insurance provides partial wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured during the course of employment.

Disability insurance -- This insurance provides cash benefits that partially replace wages lost due to illness or injury that do not arrise out of the course of employment. 

Reimbursement of relocation expenses to include U-Haul rental fees, lodging, meals, fuel and tolls.


This is a "live in" situation and the Resident Trainer position comes with an all-expenses paid apartment located above the barn lounge.  The apartment has two bedrooms, a laundry room with side-by-side front load washer and dryer, a full bath, wood floors, eat-in kitchen with granite countertops, central air conditioning, hot water baseboard heat, a spacious living room and approximately 1200 square feet of living area (see pictures below). 

Two pets (small/medium dogs or cats) that are well behaved with people and horses are welcome. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this position open?

A: Anna Mantell, our previous trainer greatly enhanced her resume during her time with us and she is now pursuing other opportunities.  We wish her the very best of luck and we are appreciative of her contribution while she was in our employ. 

Q: How often are the horses ridden?

A: Depending on the time of year and the age of the horses, most of the horses are ridden 4-6 days per week.  Most rides average around 20 minutes.

Q: Will the Resident Trainer be showing the horses?

A: Yes, the Resident Trainer will be asked to show our horses at local (C and B) shows and at A shows.  Showing is a key and intregal part of this position.

Q: What is the salary for this job?

A: It is difficult to make a firm offer to a candidate without the benefit of a live interview as each individual candidate's skill set and experience set is different.  We believe we have a good sense for what A show barns pay their employees for similar positions and we intend to be competitive. 

Q: When are you looking to fill this position?

A: The Resident Trainer position is available January 1st, 2018 with some flexibility.

Q: Can I bring a horse?

A: The Resident Trainer position comes with a 12'x16' dry stall with automatic waterer and full use of the facilities to include the indoor arena, the outdoor arena, wash stalls, grass turnout, sand paddock turnout, hospital paddock, etc. With a "dry stall" the horse owner is responsible for hay, grain, bedding and associated chores.  Riding of a personal horse or attending to appointments for a personal horse should take place during non-work hours such as a lunch hour.

Q: What attributes will a successful candidate bring to this position?

A:  The Resident Trainer will have a great deal of autonomy in constructing and executing training programs for young hunter prospects; therefore, experience in this area is required.  The Resident Trainer will also be supervising a small staff and performing some barn manager functions.  A successful candidate will appreciate the importance of regular communication with the staff and the farm owners and will seek to preserve a team environment.  A successful candidate will also be organized and confident in their ability to oversee a small private facility. 

Q: How can I apply for this position?

A: Please send us a resume, references and riding video via e-mail.  The riding video should include a flat portion at all three gaits on a young hunter-type horse as well as a jumping portion over a course that is at least 3'3".  After we receive a resume, references and a riding video, we will conduct a telephone interview.  Promising candidates will then be offered a "live" interview. 

Contact Us
We would be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have to help you determine if our opening and your employment goals might be a good fit.  Please feel free to contact us via e-mail

Thank you for your time and your interest in our opening.
Sheffield Farms
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            Apartment - Living Room                                        Apartment - Kitchen with Granite Countertops

                              Apartment - Kitchen (another view)                             Apartment - Laundry Room (located off the kitchen)